Because each real estate photo-shoot is custom, each job begins with a walk-through to create a schedule that allows me to shoot efficiently. We'll follow the sun around the home, working with it to create the best lighting situations that highlight the home and its amenities. We will discuss your thoughts on the home's best features and any input you have related to the shoot. If you believe that there is a certain feature that you absolutely love and sets your home apart, let us know and we'll be sure to give it extra attention. Unlike other real estate photography companies, we take care in making sure windows are property exposed, angles are straight and even height, and that the color tone is consistent and true to the property. We also have advanced editing techniques to add fire, screens, and other elements into the photograph to help further the overall look of the picture. We are also well versed in sky replacement editing should we have less than desirable weather at the time of your shoot.


We are able to create between 18-30 daylight shots per hour spent on location, depending on the amount of available daylight. In the shortest days of the year, this may change depending on the size and orientation of the home or building. The photographs are processed and uploaded to a private Dropbox page by the start of business the day after your shoot. Any variance to this will be communicated before finalizing your appointment.